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The MX Series

A new computer architecture that directly addresses the computing needs of high-performance analytics applications.

A Smarter Architecture

The Convey MX Series is a smarter computer architecture tailored to the growing needs of big data applications. These types of applications demand a new approach to computing that brings performance and affordability to solving extremely large, irregular and hard to partition problems.

A New Approach

  • The new Convey architecture features the capability to run tens of thousands of threads of execution coupled with a smart memory system that can atomically perform “in-memory” arithmetic operations.
  • Architected to scale up to 32 terabytes of physical memory, the MX Series can exploit massive degrees of parallelism while efficiently handling hard-to-partition algorithms. 
  • To enhance development productivity, the MX offers a new suite of compilers and tools built on OpenMP giving users access to today’s most pervasive parallel programming model. 
  • A unique runtime thread library takes advantage of hardware based scheduling that avoids the scaling bottlenecks typical of traditional thread scheduling mechanisms—enabling efficient scaling on the MX Series

Tailored for Big Data

Big data analytics, like those found in genomics, graph analytics, social network analytics, fraud detection, and security are typically not well suited for racks of commodity systems.

“Many high performance analytics (HPA) applications are organized around pointer-based data structures, such as trees and graphs. These irregular applications are hard to partition and generally run inefficiently on commodity clusters. The MX Series successfully solves this challenge with an innovative architecture uniquely packaged in a high-performance, power-efficient, and affordable solution.”

Bruce Toal
CEO of Convey

A Perfect Pair: the HC and MX Series

The MX Architecture complements Convey’s existing HC Series by increasing memory features and parallelization capabilities. Both architectures provide a robust platform for researchers developing high performance analytics (HPA) applications.

In many situations, Convey hybrid-core systems can replace tens or hundreds of commodity systems dedicated to HPA applications. Using the Convey hybrid-core systems, customers can dramatically accelerate a wide range of applications, while lowering energy consumption.

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icon-microphone.pngThe MX™ Leads in Power/Performance on Graph 500 Benchmark

“Standard clusters by themselves are not designed to efficiently handle some of the most challenging, high-value work, especially graph analytics and other hard-to-partition problems. Convey’s unique approach is designed to excel at tackling the data-level parallelism (DLP) that characterizes many of these problems. Convey’s hybrid-core solutions target better time efficiency, power efficiency, and cost efficiency—not to mention the ability to obtain answers that would be impractical without high-performance analytics.”

-Steve Conway
Research Vice President in IDC's High Performance Computing Group

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